The Overhaul of the Fire Engine Room Mural–William McKinley Presidential Library & Museum, Canton, Ohio.

For more than ten years, an image of horses in a stall occupied the main wall in the fire engine room display of the William McKinley Presidential Library & Museum in Canton, Ohio. Michael proposed a new concept to both the director and president of the museum. Michael’s interest was to, ‘entertain, educate and enlighten’ the patrons of the museum. Work continues to this day on the volunteer job by Michael alone. Michael wants to give back to the museum he enjoyed taking his children to some years before. The final painting is composed of interior house paint, pastel and oil paint air-brushed on. Pastel lends itself well to the texture desired by the artist. An acrylic coating is applied via airbrush upon finishing the pastel layer. Among the original enlargement concepts of the artist was to use horizontal and vertical strings to form a grid. Several strings with duck tape folded at their bottom are then tied loosely to the horizontal strings to perform as vertical reference. They can be slid along the horizontal strings. This maintains the grid system for both enlargement and point-reference while remaining unpainted, unlike what would happen to lines drawn on the surface of the wall.

Original Version

Proposed Sketch

Michael McFarland’s new version under construction.

Thank you for the sample prints of your work. They are terrific.- Chuck Hagel, former Senator from Nebraska, former U.S. National Secretary of Defense

Washington Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Wadsworth Memorial Park

Bold Eagle

New VFW Post 349 Fairlawn, Ohio Fundraising Poster for Veterans Day, 2015.

   Buddies Never Forgotten550crop   Eternal Gratitude 150dpi sm

Previously donated images for VFW fundraising created by Michael.

President Abraham Lincoln. His Important Speeches.

“As with many of my ideas this one came to me while waking-up early–this past September, to be accurate. An image of President Lincoln contained within his own words–I thought it would be just too cool! I couldn’t wait to see if I could make it happen,” said Michael regarding the creation of one of his favorite compositions. Below is the final image that contains in fine script the following speeches in their complete form: President Lincoln’s first Inaugural Address, his Emancipation Proclamation, his Gettysburg Address and his Second Inaugural Address.

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President Abraham Lincoln. His Important Speeches, typography, by Michael Mcfarland

NEW FOR 2024!

Washington and Troops with Dark BGround

Washington Reviewing His Troops

Washington Portrait Darker w Type Only

Washington Portrait

Lincoln with Ribbon Duotone w Type

President Lincoln Portrait with Remembrance Ribbon

Lincoln with Ribbon Duotone Closeup