``Thanks for the sample prints of your work. They are terrific.``
Chuck Hagel
Former U.S. senator and U.S. Secretary of Defense
``Thanks again for executing a splendid commission.``
Jack Bogle
Founder, The Vanguard Group of Mutual Funds
``You are an extremely gifted artist, and I commend you for using your paintings as a tool to commemorate significant historical events.``
Rod Blagojevich
Former Governor of Illinois
``Dear Michael,

We want to thank you very much for your generous contribution to our Fairlawn, Ohio VFW Post 349 of your beautiful Abraham Lincoln painting.

The painting will be proudly displayed at all our meetings and functions as we did at the Fairlawn Memorial Day Service this year. A work of art such as this deserves to be widely viewed and we would be honored to help you distribute prints throughout the veteran's community and the Veterans Administration facilities.

We wish you continued success in you future endeavors. We have no doubt that an artist of your caliber will go far and we appreciate you channeling those talents to honor our veteran community.``

VFW Post 349
Fairlawn, Ohio members, signed by: Bruce Killian, Commander Randolph Baxter, Sr. Vice Commander William Reuscher, Quartermaster Harry, Schwab, Legal Advocate Harry Donovan, Trustee Jay Musson, Trustee
``I...admire the historical accuracy and detail of Ahab and the Whale and the USS Constitution.``
George Reid
MSP, former Deputy Presiding Officer, Scottish Parliament, Scotland
``Your generosity and support enables the zoo to display beautiful art pieces that depict animals in their natural habitat in such respectful and honorable way. The two paintings will be a wonderful addition to the Komodo Kingdom education Center entry way.``
Linda Troutman
VP Communications, Akron Zoo, Akron, Ohio
``Governor Bush asked that I respond to your letter of November 14th...Your work is certainly outstanding, capturing an enticing rhythm, rich in color, texture and visual imagery. We would like to keep your information on file should the Governor, Senate President or Speaker of the House have future needs for a historical painter.``
Sandy Shaughnessy
Arts Administrator, State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs
``Your professionalism and talent are well-represented in your paintings.``
Linda Lingle
Former Governor of Hawaii
``The samples of your artwork included with the letter are magnificent!``
Bob Riley
Former Governor of Alabama
``I particularly enjoyed the picture of the U.S.S. Constitution.``
Thomas M. Menino
Former Mayor of Boston
``The samples are very impressive indeed!``
Robin Harper
MSP, The Scottish Parliament
``I do want you to know, Mr. McFarland, that I appreciate having the chance to admire the stunning attention to detail in your own work. Just staring at the ``Battle of the Nile`` for a few seconds makes me ponder how this finished work could have ever started out ... as just a blank canvas.``
Kathleen Sebelius
Former Governor, state of Kansas
``I want to express our sincere and deep gratitude for your donation of the very moving painting of veterans over the ages. The art is displayed in our atrium where nearly a thousand people pass each week. The art piece invites their attention to pause and reflect on the shared responsibility to our veterans and their families.``
The Rev. John M. Schluep
D. Min., Senior Pastor, First Congregational Church of Tallmadge, Tallmadge, Ohio, Founder of Warrior's Journey Home Ministry
``You did a great job and you are a very special artist. I can see Blooming Tree Press working with you again.``
Miriam Hees
Publisher, Blooming Tree Press, Austin, Texas

Here’s a Sample of McFarland’s Patrons…

  • Jack Bogle, Founder, The Vanguard Group of Mutual Funds
  • Senator Roy Ray, former Ohio state senator
  • William McKinley Presidential Library & Museum, Canton, Ohio
  • The Akron Zoo, Akron, Ohio
  • PSI, Incorporated, St. Louis, MO
  • George E. Walden Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Salt Lake City, UT
  • VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, Pittsburgh. PA
  • The James E. Van Zandt VA Medical Center, Altoona, PA
  • VFW Post 349, Fairlawn, OH
  • Warriors Journey Home, Tallmadge, OH
  • Coastal Credit, LLC, Virginia Beach MD
  • Blooming Tree Press, Austin, TX

Havasupai Falls, watercolor on paper.

Niagara Mist, circa 1400, pastel on paper.

Together, pencil on paper.

In the Field of Flowers, circa 1890.

The Homecoming.

Sparrows at a Country Fencepost, oil on canvas.