The Lonely Maiden at Cinnabar

“The Lonely Maiden is a fiction 17th century ship in a novel titled, The Isle of Cinnabar,” says McFarland. “I pushed the sense of sky overhead as early morning breaks through the clouds. This was to be a scene with color everywhere.” This is the perfect image for rooms that are open and as free as the sea. Order it today!


You can nearly feel the spray of the salty sea when viewing the watery images of Michael McFarland!

The sea is a favorite subject for Michael. “It should be, considering I was Horatio Nelson in my earlier life,” quips Michael. “The sea and I are one!” The view of land, sea and sky intrigues Michael and he paints the combination masterfully with every stroke.

Your professionalism and talent are well-represented in your paintings.- Linda Lingle, former Governor of Hawaii

Vigilant, watercolor

Ogelby Swans, pastel

Havasupai Falls, watercolor

Niagara at Sunset, oil

Evening Waterfall, oil

The Lonely Maiden Sailing to Cinnabar, oil

Stepping Stones, oil and computer

San Juan Nepomuceno, oil

Istria, watercolor

Virginia, watercolor

Magnolia, watercolor

Bahama Boat, watercolor

Nassau Sentinel, pastel, computer