Whether large or small, corporate or residential, we have the style to suit your needs!

We offer many styles of imagery sure to please you. Whether direct application to walls, vinyl transfer or hung pieces, we will brighten the room and bring to life the images your little one dreamed of having!

Give us a call today to find out just how easy and fun it is to commission murals through Michael McFarland Studio of Fine Art!

Brighten up your rooms with color!

Whether large or small, we’ll liven up your wall. From children’s rooms to rec rooms, there is no room that doesn’t have room for a mural. Perhaps it’s a sport you have interest in–or a favorite comic-book hero. All themes are welcome at our studio.

Need creativity–look no further!

The following are the steps in residential mural work to expect in print-on-vinyl through Michael McFarland:

  • Initial sketches in person or email
  • Digital image in color/placement on wall shown through Photoshop
  • Press-proof image on vinyl paper taken to site to examine color, value, etc. before final printing and application
  • Final application

The values of vinyl printing are many and included but are not limited to:

  • Minimal interruption to your schedule beyond meeting at your convenience
  • No painter in the house to schedule, etc.
  • No paint drips on carpet, etc.
  • Far more dynamic compositions possible with type and more
  • No damage to the wall due to paint–no sanding to remove image